Monday, June 12
9:00-9:10 Introduction
9:10-9:40 "A Scalable Framework for Wireless Distributed Computing”, Songze Li, University of Southern California, USA
9:40-10:10 “Insights from the Algorithmic Foundations of Self-Organizing Programmable Matter" , Zahra Derakhshandeh, Arizona State University, USA
10:10-10:30 "Distributed Cooperative Communication and Link prediction in Cloud Robotics”, Jyotirmoy Karjee, Tata Consultancy Services, India
10:30-10:50 Break
10:50-11:20 “Utilizing Massive MIMO for the Tactile Internet: Advantages and Trade-offs”, Mehmet Karaca, Lund University, Sweden
11:20-11:40 "Sum-Rate Based Hybrid Half/Full-Duplex Relay Selection in A Dual-Hop Two-Way Wireless Relaying Networks”, Volkan Ozduran, Istanbul University, Turkey
11:40-12:10 “RF Sensing with Unmanned Vehicles", Yasamin Mostofi, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA